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Santa Anita Park 🏇🏾// Sun., Feb. 11th, 2024

Happy Super Bowl Sunday & National Pork Rind Day! 🐷

If you aren't interested in watching 17 hours of pre-game coverage leading up to today's big game 🏈, why not check out the races happening in Arcadia, CA, at Santa Anita Park?

Just about 6 hours south of Turtle Sports' HQ (aka the Glass Turtle), Santa Anita is one of our favorite tracks to cap. Just yesterday, during a handicapping meeting, our Mr. W. commented, "I just LOVE cappin' SA 🏇).

Today's offering includes nine races and will feature the 100K Sweet Life S. in R7. The first post is a little earlier today, which means you can watch all the races and still catch the opening kickoff. Hopefully, we can help you win some 💰💰💰, and you can place a couple more prop bets.

(Tip: don't bet gray for the Gatorade color)


Need help pickin' winners? We've got you covered! Our #LundinLine - (Always Free) top pix and best bets are below in this post. We use them to help narrow down the field while we're puttin' our tickets together. First post will be here soon, so don't be late -

It's time to get #InTheMoney! 💰💰💰

Oh, and don't forget to follow us @_TurtleSports and subscribe to our site so you don't miss any of the action. You'll be glad you did! Let's Ride! 🏇🏾


Santa Anita Park 🏇🏾 // Feb. 11th, 2024

1st Post @ 11:00 a.m. (PT)

R1: 2-7-4-5

R2: 2-3-4-5

R3: 2-5-4-6

R4: 7-3-5-2

R5: 2-6-9-5

R6: 2⭑-4-6

R7Ⓢ: 11-7-6-3

R8: 7-6-5-4

R9: 2⭑-3-10-7

⭑Best Bets

R6: Maymun (#3)

R9: Call Bay (IRE) (#2)

Ⓢtakes Race

R7: 100K Sweet Life S.



Hit us up @_TurtleSports, and let us know what you think!


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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