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Oh, hello there!

Welcome to Turtle Sports.  Whether you are joining us from Twitter or stumbled randomly upon us on the interwebs, we're glad you're here!



A quick intro: Turtle Sports is a sports analysis and handicapping project founded by a group of friends over a few drinks during spring of 2020.  At the time, Covid crushed our plans of watching live sports.  We were devastated and needed direction.  We contemplated taking up hobbies like knitting, or even forming a 1980's punk rock A Capella cover group, but quickly realized those were lame so we went back to the drawing board.  We ended up focusing our attention on the only major sport that remained active in the U.S.: horse racing.  After many, many 'discussions,' playing around with different metrics and watching more races than we can count, we developed our Lundin Line - a standardized way for us to rank horses for Thoroughbred races.  We created our Twitter account (@_TurtleSports) to share our #LundinLine with the world and, just like that, Turtle Sports was born!



As society enters a new normal and things slowly begin reopening, we'll be providing many more picks for the major sports.  We'll be using this website to provide more (hopefully) valuable insight and to help us stay organized. Turtle Sports is a work in progress, but we hope you join us on our journey as we crack a few beers, crack wise and get #InTheMoney!


-Turtle Sports

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