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NCAA Week 6/NFL Week 5 Recap

To commemorate all of us making it through another week of football, I will be putting out a recap of the weekend (Thursday through Monday) each Tuesday on how we did in the Circa Millions Contest plays, college football investments, and NFL investments. I will discuss anything crazy we saw, including but not limited to, ATS records for the week, team trends, how I did on my pick’em sheets, and much more. We will recap wins and losses across the board for Turtle Sports #PigSkinLine.

Make sure to check out the Turtle Sports Podcast each Thursday where Pickles and I talk all things sports and sports investments for the past week, the week to come, and we release our NFL model plays for the Circa contest! Looking for even more content, check out Pickles on the Spread where Kyle gives you his thoughts on the sports world, including his Dummy Dumb of the week. That’s not enough, well then check me out on Turtle Takes where I spell out my thoughts on all things happening in the world of sports, and a few things outside of it. I look forward to you reading this each week so make sure you subscribe below to get our recap straight to our inbox along with all of our content before anyone else!!!

Recap It

Now that's what I call a weekend of football!!! It all kicked off with a great Thursday night game, unfortunately, we did see a major piece of the Seahawks go down, then we kicked off the NFL slate at 6:30 am pacific, capped off with an epic comeback on Monday night football, and of course, the college slate was epic as well. We saw highs, lows, missed kicks, made kicks, and of course some terrible roughing the passer calls. The number one team in NCAAF went down, Cincinnati said get us to the Big 12 now, and Georgia just keeps on playing superb defense. Enough ranting let's get to the meat and potatoes of what we are all doing here, the Circa Millions 3 update!!! The Model went 3-1-1 for 3.5 points bringing us to 15-8-1 for the year and putting us in a tie for 593rd. Kappin' with Krista plays went 2-2-1 for 2.5 points bringing us to 11-13-1 on the year putting us in a tie for 2900. Finally, the booby prize we went and astounding 4-1 and are 18-7 overall (Measured as wins are losses, I know it's confusing but that is how the contest works). tying us for 10th overall. We are very proud of the booby prize and look to keep that going all year. NCAA was decent but nothing to really brag about. Kyle did some tweaking after this week to try and hone the model so can stop seeing us eating juice on Saturdays. Make sure you head over to our YouTube channel to see all of Krista's videos this season!!!

Pickles Posted Plays (Adjusted 10/12/21 for mistaken NFL additions)

NFL: 4-2-1 for +1.8 units, 2021 Record 34-15-1 for +17.50 units

NCAA: 6-7 for -1.70 units, 2021 Record 34-34 for -4.55 units

Weekly Total: 10-9-1 for +0.1 units, 2021 Record 64-49-1 for +12.95 units

Fink Posted Plays

NFL: 8-1-1 for +6.90 units, 2021 Record 31-20-5 for +9.92 units

NCAA: 5-6 for -0.30 units, 2021 Record 31-31 for -2.50units

Weekly Total: 13-7-1 for +5.60 units, 2021 Record 62-51-5 for +6.42 units

Turtle Sports Combine Plays

NFL: 8-2-1 for +5.80 units, 2021 Record 47-26-4 for +18.07 units (Adjusted for Model plays on both cards)

NCAA: 9-9 for +2.05 units, 2021 Record 43-40 for +0.72 units (Adjusted for plays on both cards)

Weekly Total: 17-11-1 for +7.85 units, 2021 Record 79-52-3 for +24.87 units

Want to follow along all year long? Head over to Twitter and turn on those notifications for @_Turtle Sports, @KCPickleQ and @TSFinky

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