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Pickle’s picks NCAA week 5

I have been out the last few weeks so haven’t played anything. Now I am back from vacation and ready to get back on it! Just because I haven’t been playing anything doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention. I do have 4 plays that I am playing in college football this week!

NC ST +6.5

  • Yes I know it’s +7 now in some places but I still like it. NC st has a chance to take the division with this win. Clemson is a little too over rated in my opinion. I haven’t like DJ at QB since he first played in relief of Lawrence a couple years back. Clemson is hanging on by a thread of the top spot and NC st is the team to knock them off. I did also give a little on the money line just in case.

Wake forest +7

  • 2 words… game management. They way Wake Forest managed the game against… you guessed it Clemson put them in position to win that game. Unfortunate circumstances didn’t get them the win but none the less kept them in the game and gave them a chance.  Now heading to Florida St this week, I fully expect the same scenario. Game management to keep the game close if not win outright.


  • Who doesn’t love a good let down game? Mid Tenn St just played one of the biggest games of their lives and won! The feeling those kids had beating a school like Miami absolutely will roll over to this week. Queue the ultimate let down spot.

Iowa St -3

  • what can I say… Fade the 4-0 team? Absolutely! How can a 4-0 team like Kansas having one of it best starts in years be getting points??? Let alone getting points at home! Are the books crazy? Find the best number on Iowa ST!

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