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Turtle Takes NFL week 5

Man, it is so cool to be writing this while watching a game at 6:30 am on the west coast. I wanted to have this out before kickoff but it's early out here! The best week I have ever had investing in sports has taken back a bit this week. We still have plenty of action and the NFL has been solid overall this year for us here at Turtle Sports. I am looking to dig out of the hole the NCAA day created for me but one thing I will say here is DO NOT CHASE!!! Had a rough Saturday and I own that but I will not fire plays to try and get it back. Too many people think they have to get it back in one day. I am playing on house money this week so I am in a good position. Don't look at your investments in a micro sense, you have to be macro and this football season I am still up! Best of luck if you follow or fade!!!

**A bit of paperwork here, every play is for 1 unit when I post a play and is assumed to be -110 unless otherwise noted. If I play a money line (ML) I will note the line and if it's a favorite I am playing to win 1 unit, if it's a dog I am laying 1 unit to win whatever it pays**

2021 NFL record: 24-19-4 for +4.02 units

Turtle Sports Model Plays (Where I got the Play, not the Circa Line)

Tennessee Titans -4 (-115)

Cincinnati Bengals +3

Cleveland Browns +1.5

Chicago Bears +5.5

Buffalo Bills +2.5 (+100)

Fink's other Plays

Los Angeles Rams -2.5 (Thursday night, reflected in record above)

6 Pt Teasers (-110)

Bengals +8.5/Steelers +7.5

Bengals +8.5/Browns +8.5

Steelers +7.5/Browns +8.5

10 Pt Teasers (-120)

Chicago +15.5

Minnesota PK

Tampa Bay PK

Pizza Parlays that will not count towards records (Bet at 1/2 unit or less)

3 Team ML Parlay +998 (1/2 unit invested)

Jets, Browns, Bills

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