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Gulfstream Park // 30-MAR

Happy Friday Eve! It's nearly the weekend so we say start getting into that mode now. While we all know that today is National Virtual Vacation Day, we bet not everyone knows you can play the ponies from anywhere via simulcast or an app on your phone. So that means it's truly like a weekend and you should hang out with us virtually while we play the ponies at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, Florida. Their 9 race card does not have any stakes races but they are prepping for the Florida Derby this weekend. Practice make perfect so get those reps in on cashin' tickets before the big day comes.

The rest of the country doesn't know if it's still winter or if spring has sprung, but conditions in Florida are lookin' decent with but all races are off turf due to rain earlier in the week and the always potential of it in Florida. The good news is the synthetic track has been set to fast and temperatures in the mid 70's.

Need help pickin' winners? We've got you covered! Our #LundinLine top picks and best bet are below in this post - and you know how this works by now! But for those of you that are new here, we use our Lundin Line to help narrow down the field while we're puttin' our tickets together. And the more information available for pickin' winners, the better, right? We think so! So enjoy and we honestly hope our picks help you out! The first post is coming up soon, so don't be late! You know what to do. Saddle up and ride with us. We're gettin' #InTheMoney!

Oh, and don't forget to follow us @_TurtleSports and subscribe to our site so you don't miss any of the action. You'll be glad you did! Let's Ride!

Gulfstream Park // 30-March

Lundin Line

9:40 Pacific

R1: 2* - 10 - 7 - 6

R2: 3* - 5 - 6 - 2

R3: 9 - 2 - 4 - 5

R4: 1 - 5 - 4 - 2

R5: 8 - 4 - 5 - 7

R6: 8 - 5 - 1 - 2

R7: 11 - 6 - 3 - 4

R8: 7 - 3 - 4 - 5

R9: 3 - 9 - 6 - 7

*Lundin Line Best Bet

R1: [2] Blue Twirlin

R2: [3] Executive Search

Hit us up @_TurtleSports and let us know what you think!


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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