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Pickles NCAA Champ Week

We are finally done with the regular season of College Football and let me tell ya what a way for the regular season to end! It was full of excitement and disappointment. But that’s why we love it and continue to wager on games. Now we get to the all too anticipated Championship week. Currently the only future I have is Utah to win the Pac 12. Now they are facing once again the Ducks of Oregon. I havnt decided what I am going to do yet, weather it be to try and middle the 3 points or take Oregon ML. Both will guarantee me profit but I am now trying to maximize my dollars. As far as the rest of the games I do have a couple I will be playing.

Iowa +10.5

  • What an emotional win for Michigan over their arch rival Ohio St. Every player put out Maximum effort for this win and this is a clear let down spot of emotions. On the other side Michigan will be playing for their chance at getting into the playoff. I don’t necessarily think Iowa will win, but keeping it close with that elite defense isn’t out of the Question. Last but not least this total set at 43 is extremely low not to take the points with Iowa!

Utah St. +6

  • This is an absolute fade against the Aztecs. I don’t get how the San Diego St continues to pull a rabbit out of a hat, but the magic ends here.

SEC championship game-

  • I have my thoughts on this game and for the life of me this is way to difficult to come to play a side, or even a total for that matter. At one point I was in favor of Alabama. The reason is because let’s face it, Saben catching points was a factor of mine. I mean Alabama catching 6.5 points does sound like a lot. But let’s face it Georgia is a powerhouse! Their defense is suffocating. Holding teams to low scores is exactly what they do. So again knowing what I do about each team, I have ultimately decided to lay off and just enjoy the game. Maybe something in play might be available.

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