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Pickle’s Picks Super Bowl 56

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

It’s that time of year again where we get stuff our face full of delicious snacks and get shitfaced on light beers and white claws. But I mean let’s be honest we kind of did this every Sunday anyway during the regular season. Just now it’s acceptable to talk about it and throw a party. It’s like the pinnacle of the NFL season. Just as the players have an off season to train, we as fans have been training all season for this drunken debacle. Whether you go to your local pub to gorge on the cheese fries and chicken wings, or go to the party you have gone to every year but don’t remember leaving, just remember to get a designated driver. Because those last handful of chips and 6 glasses of water at the start of the 4th Quarter isn’t going to sober you up. Don’t be that kind of loser. Instead try and decide how you are going to wager on this game.

I for one, am NOT excited for this game. I don’t know how to put this to everyone but this game better go over the total, because if not I will end up drinking twice as much out of sheer boredom. These 2 teams are not the best in the NFL. They just didn’t mess up enough to lose in previous games. And this game will reflect the same. The team that wins will be the one that makes the least amount of mistakes. Mistakes that aren’t essentially turnovers, but dropped balls or missed tackles. Coaches can’t “over” coach. Mcvay has a terrible habit of over coaching. But in all honesty I am more excited about the halftime show and Budweiser commercials. They are going to be the true heroes of Sunday.

This year I am doing something a little different than previous years. I am not going to wager on this game. What??!? I know right. Instead of picking a side or a total I have decided to load up on the square pools and props. Using what I have seen from these coaches I expect trick plays and again over coaching. Conservative play calling and trying to get points when you can. On another note I did have a dream that the Rams won the 1st Half but the Bengals won the game… For whatever that is worth to anyone. But I did have a dream the 49ers beat the Packers so there is that. Ok enough riff raff bullshit talk!

Super Bowl 56 props

Will the game be tied after 0-0? YES

Total TD under 5.5

Bengals to have most time of possession

Opening kick off touchback? NO

Sony micheal over 19.5 rushing yards

Field goal made in the 1st Q? YES

Players passing attempt O2.5? YES

Will there be an Octopus? YES

Joe Burrow Over 2.5 rushing attempts


Bengals longest made Field Goal

Sony Micheal over 5.5 Carries

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