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Pickle’s Picks NFL week 6

Welcome to the last week of 1st Trimester of the season! Week 6 is here and we have seen all kinds of shenanigans so far. Clearly Field Goals is the difference maker from decent weeks to great weeks. We got the short end of the stick on the Bengals last week but it was only a push and not a full blown loss. Hopefully this week 6 brings us less stress! This week 5 teams meet the NFL pigskin Model. I have 4 Pickle’s picks and 1 teaser.

Pigskin Model Plays

Cardinals +3

Vikings -1

Chargers +2.5

Seahawks +5

Colts -10

Pickle’s Picks

Jaguars +3.5

Eagles +7

Patriots +4

Broncos -3.5

Teaser 6.5 -120

Vikings/ Cardinals

Season record


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