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Pickle’s Picks NFL week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the NFL! Did anyone else thoroughly enjoy week 1? I know did! It had everything we missed. To say the least it did NOT disappoint. Well now that we saw a huge week of dogs taking it in week 1, Do we see a comeback with favorites? There were really only 2 favorites that I have a strong feeling on.

- Steelers taking on the Raiders in Pittsburg in the early game. This spot feels really bad for the Raiders. Traveling East on a short week after an emotional and crazy win against the Ravens.

-Patriots are taking on the awful O-Line of the New York Jets. If you tuned into Pickles On The Spread you heard that the entire O-Line achieved the prestigious award of the “Dummy Dumb of the week”. Call This game a “comeback” or “bounce back“ or whatever.

- Vikings are in a tough spot. Tough loss in OT against the Bengals. I also feel this is a major over reaction on the Cardinals. Everyone was screaming super bowl after tearing up the Titans Defense. I feel it was a bad spot for the Titans that the Cardinals were able to take advantage of. I think they perceiver on the road!

Model Plays

Cowboys +3.5

Bengals +2.5

Ravens +3.5

Pickles Picks

Vikings +4.5

Steelers -5.5

Patriots -5.5

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