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Pickle’s Picks NFL week 17

Welcome to week 17 of the NFL! Previous years this was the last week of the season. Not this year! This is a very important week for me. In fact this is the single most important week of the season not only for myself but for Turtle sports. We are right on the cusp of potentially getting into the money in the Circa Millions. We are sitting at 184th place with 48.5 points. 1.5 points from making the cut. We have only played the model in this entry. So other than a handful of games have had to be switched do to some kind of craziness. Such as this week, we did switch out the Vikings for the Titans due to Cousins having Covid. At the same time we have definitely had our fair share of bad Beats… like those OT Touchdown loses…. Anyways not bitter at all…so. Not only de have Circa, But we have Fantasy football championship games this week. Fink and I are both in it in our respective leagues. Needless to say we have a lot going for us in week 17. So what am I playing this week? Here ya go!

Model (Circa) plays

Titans -3.5

Cardinals +6

Steelers +3

Broncos +6.5

Giants +6

Pickle’s plays

Bengals +4.5

Raiders +7

Ravens +5.5

Vikings +7

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