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NFL Turtle Picks // Week 14

Happy Sunday! It's week 14 of the NFL Season and Turtle Sports Lines is BACK for our weekly pick'em league! We had 4 teams go 3-0 last week, but not included on that list is @TSLFinky. @kcastillo_31 was able to make up a game as Mr. Fink went 2-1. I think we can all say that @HeyItsDave had the pick of the week (Washington over the Steelers), however we'll ignore his Chargers pick. He went 1-2 on the week and remains at the bottom of the barrel. @DavidJWitkowsk1 did not pick up his second tie of the season as we all had hoped, but he did manage to go 3-0 maintaining his spot in 4th, just behind third place @Bill4Bets. Our gal @positive_human47 (Insta) is on vacation this week, so she's doubly happy that she also went 3-0 last week and is nipping that the heels of Mr. W.

So, can @kcastillo_31 continue to chase down @TSLFinky and regain his spot on top of the leader board? Will @DavidJWitkowsk1 manage to fend off @positive_human47 (Insta) for another week, or will she overtake him and set her sights on 3rd place @Bill4Bets? And speaking of @Bill4Bets, why did he pick a non-existent team (the Seagulls?) to win this week? Will that bold pick come back to bite him in the ass? All of these extremely pressing questions ~ and more ~ will be answered during Week 14 of the #NFL season!

NFL Week 14..... Let's GO!!!

@TSLFinky // 35-4

Los Angeles Rams

Tennessee Titans

Green Bay Packers

Seattle Seahawks

New Orleans Saints

Los Angeles Rams

@Bill4Bets // 30-9

Green Bay Packers

Seattle Seagulls (?)

New Orleans Saints

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints

Washington Football Team

@positive_human47 (Insta) // 29-10

Tennessee Titans

Minnesota Vikings

Kansas City Chiefs

@HeyItsDave // 24-15

Los Angeles Raiders

Philadelphia Eagles

Baltimore Ravens


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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