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NFL Turtle Picks // Week 13

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Happy Sunday! We're startin' NFL Week 13 off today because we missed out on the Thursday Night game. Like all of the other messed up week's, we've got two Monday games (Go Bills) and the Ravens host the Cowboys on Tuesday. Typical Covid bullshit. But the NFL is gonna do what the NFL is gonna do and we have to roll with the punches.

But rollin' with the punches is the opposite of what we had to do last week. Everyone - save @positive_human47 (Insta) - went 3-0 in our #TurlePicks League. 3-o? Yes. Perfect records. Why are we bothering with day jobs? Its obvious that we're pros here and we can stop moonlighting as sports bettors. It's time to take our talent, expertise and good looks mainstream!

Speaking of good looks, it's unfortunate that @positive_human47 (Insta) went 2-1 last week. She continues to lose ground on her arch enemy @Bill4Bets. Only @HeyItsDave has a worse record. It's hard for @DavidJWitkowsk1 to catch up with @TSLFinky and @kcastillo_31 when they keep going 3-o each week. It appears that those on top will continue to play the safe games, whereas those looking to make up ground will need to find new, innovative ways to win. And by innovative, we mean upsets. Upsets will be the only way forward for those chasing the leaderboard.

Now for the questions of the week: Will @TSLFinky continue to steamroll the field? When will @DavidJWitkowsk1 rack up his second tie of the season? Will @HeyItsDave continue to prove he knows nothing about picking NFL games? Why do people put pineapple on pizza?? These questions ~ and more ~ will be answered during NFL Week 13!

NFL Week 13..... Let's GO!!!

@TSLFinky // 33-3

Seattle Seahawks

Miami Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings

Las Vegas Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs

Miami Dolphins

@Bill4Bets // 27-9

Kansas City Chiefs

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Minnesota

@DavidJWitkowsk1 // 26-9-1

Minnesota Vikings

Los Angeles Rams

Kansas City Chiefs

@positive_human47 (Insta) // 26-10

Los Angeles Rams

Detroit Lions

New Orleans Saints

@HeyItsDave // 23-13

Los Angeles Charges

Philadelphia Eagles

Washington Football Team


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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