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NFL Championship Weekend

Bucs are getting way too much love. Books know the public will be all over the Bucs with the “ how are they dogs?” And the you never bet against Brady. Well here is the deal! Did anyone watch what Brady had to work with? He is 18-33 199 yards. 21 points came on short field. At one point average starting position for the Bucs was 29 yards. WHAT??? Of course any NFL playoff team should score. If not then they should not have been a playoff team. Brees and Cook gave that game up. The saints beat the Saints. The Bucs did not beat the Saints. They took advantage of poor football. That game should not have been as close as it was at any point. But like I said the saints beat the Saints. The packers will handle the Bucs. The Bucs defense “looked” good but those turnovers weren’t ESPN play worthy. They were shitty throws. One of them, Kamara didn’t even turn around. Do you see the packers making those mistakes. Absolutely not. Lines are -3 heavy juice or 3.5 Even money. Most books want that extra juice. I can see this game doing what the Saints should have done. Win by more than a TD.

Official Play is Green Bay Packers -3 (if you can get a better number grab it!!!)

This is the Road to the Super Bowl . . . Let's GO!!!


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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