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NCAA Week 8/NFL Week 7 Recap

To commemorate all of us making it through another week of football, I will be putting out a recap of the weekend (Thursday through Monday) each Tuesday on how we did in the Circa Millions Contest plays, college football investments, and NFL investments. I will discuss anything crazy we saw, including but not limited to, ATS records for the week, team trends, how I did on my pick’em sheets, and much more. We will recap wins and losses across the board for Turtle Sports #PigSkinLine.

Make sure to check out the Turtle Sports Podcast each Thursday where Pickles and I talk all things sports and sports investments for the past week, the week to come, and we release our NFL model plays for the Circa contest! Looking for even more content, check out Pickles on the Spread where Kyle gives you his thoughts on the sports world, including his Dummy Dumb of the week. That’s not enough, well then check me out on Turtle Takes where I spell out my thoughts on all things happening in the world of sports, and a few things outside of it. I look forward to you reading this each week so make sure you subscribe below to get our recap straight to our inbox along with all of our content before anyone else!!!

Recap It

Man, I see why a lot of the big sports analysts and TV personalities get a fill-in when they go on vacation. This traveling and trying to keep up with what is going on is difficult. Nonetheless, I am here to talk sports for you all. NCAA still seems to be a struggle for both Pickles and me. We just can't get it to swing our way. Limited card this week meant limited model plays but even that was meh. We did pick it up in the NFL a bit but overall it was a losing week because of my NCAA plays. This week should be a testament to one thing we preach and that is, do your research! If you just throw plays together you will lose in the long run. I have been traveling so I have not been doing that so I should have stuck with our model plays and nothing more. It worked out in NFL but I threw together my NCAA plays with minimal research and it drug us out of profitability for the first time in a few weeks. Circa was a rough week as well but we knew regression would be coming at some point. The model was a rough 2-3 moving us to 21-13-1 tying us for 589th. Kappin' with Krista continued to bounce back going 3-2 moving us to 17-17-1 tying us for 2503rd. The booby prize had its worst week of the season going 1-4 moving us to 23-12 and dropping us to 35th overall. We are looking to bounce back this week and have already put in the work so make sure you check out all our plays this week by subscribing and sharing this post with someone you know. Make sure you head over to our YouTube channel to see all of Krista's videos this season!!!

Pickles Posted Plays (Adjusted 10/12/21 for mistaken NFL additions)

NFL: 7-3 for +3.70 units, 2021 Record 51-21-1 for +27.90 units

NCAA: 5-5 for -0.70 units, 2021 Record 45-47 for -6.75 units

Weekly Total: 12-8 for +3.00 units, 2021 Record 92-68-1 for +20.05 units

Fink Posted Plays

NFL: 5-3 for +1.65 units, 2021 Record 44-26-5 for +18.07 units

NCAA: 1-4 for -3.80 units, 2021 Record 37-39 for -6.77 units

Weekly Total: 6-7 for -2.15 units, 2021 Record 81-65-5 for +11.42 units

Turtle Sports Combine Plays

NFL: 7-3 for +3.70 units, 2021 Record 68-34-4 for +30.17 units (Adjusted for Model plays on both cards)

NCAA: 5-8 for -4.0 units, 2021 Record 57-57 for -3.93 units (Adjusted for plays on both cards)

Weekly Total: 12-11 for -0.3 units, 2021 Record 114-77-3 for +32.32 units

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