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NASCAR // Season Finale 500

How about a NASCAR #FinishLine Finale!!! This year has been full of Covid craziness. We're really happy that we were able to see fans at some race tracks during this season. That brought a little normalcy to a year that has been anything but. The craziness has continued all the way to the very end, though. We know the biggest controversy right now is that Kevin Harvick isn’t competing for the title. Yes, he did win the regular season, but how many times have we seen a number 1 seed go down? It’s almost like we hope for that in any other sport, but, god forbid that happens in NASCAR and all hell breaks loose! Sorry, but that’s why it’s a playoff. Nothing is guaranteed.

Okay, our rant is done and we're off our soapbox. Let’s get to the matter at hand: the Season Finale in Phoenix. Phoenix is in a way similar to Homestead - where the season finale took place last year. It’s a 1 mile short track with low banking turns. This race comes down to only the 4 drivers. Usually what ends up happening is the driver that wins the race is the driver who wins the championship. Although whoever is the highest finishing driver wins the title. Now we're not gonna deny this. We're huge Chase Elliot fans! This blogger was a Dale Jr. fan before he retired and never got to live that feeling of being a champion with my driver. So we're definitely hopeful that Chase can pull this out. Because of this, we're gonna put a small amount on him to win the race and the championship. That being said, Denny Hamlin is the more likely driver to take it all. 17 top 10's, 13 top 5's and 2 wins with an average finish of 11 out paces the next driver in line. Joey logano is the only other driver that has 2 wins. Joey has an average finish of 13.5. As fans, we're hopeful that Chase can pull this out. He has an average finish of 13 with 5 top 10's and 2 top 5's out of 9 starts. I know you’re asking about Brad Keselowski, but with an average finish of 14.3 and 12 top 10's and 6 top 5's, he is equal to Joey Logano.

So without further ado, we give you our #FinishLine plays for The Season Finale 500 at Phoenix International. Check out the odds on BUSR if you want to get in on the action! Let's ROLL and get #InTheMoney!!

Denny Hamlin to Win the Race

Denny Hamlin to Win the Title

Pizza Money

Chase Elliott to Win the Race

Chase Elliott to Win the Title

Hit us up @TTSportsLines and let us know what you think!


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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