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Pickle’s DARLINGTON Preview

We have finally made it to the playoffs and what better way than to find some mismatched matchups on the board. I did find 1 that I like. But first let’s take a look at the playoff bracket and who I think makes it out of the first round. Just for some background on how the playoffs work. There are 10 total races in the playoff that concludes in Phoenix. There are 16 drivers in the playoff fighting to stay alive from round to round. The first round consists of 3 races. After those 3 races 4 drivers will be cut from playoff contention. The second round has 3 races as well. Again after those 3 races, 4 more drivers will be cut leaving 8 left. Third round is 3 races as well. Leaving for the last race of the season only 4 drivers left to fight for the title. If a playoff driver wins in any round they are automatically advanced to the next round. This leaves the opportunity to find matchups of playoff drivers that there might be some value. My favorite matchup is Ryan Blaney over Bubba Wallace. This is a driver (Blaney) vs. a driver not in the playoffs. Now I am not going to make my prediction of who is going to knocked out round to round but instead I will just give my final 4. Chase Elliot, Joey Logano, Kyle Larson & Kevin Harvick. Darlington is one of my favorite tracks to watch. So grab a pop and let’s watch some NASCAR!

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