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Go Bowling at the Glen

Ok ok so NASCAR has been on my poop list for the few months. Ever since they raced in down pour rain I decided to lay off for a bit. Well I have found a little nugget that I like. And that is fading drivers that don’t like a track. Well being on a road course we are gunna find a few. But, let’s not get over ourselves, so we are only going to fade Austin Dillon. He is very unhappy about competing on a road course. He even raced on Saturday to try and improve his skills… nothing still hates it. In last 5 races at Watkins Glenn his average finish was 30th. Aric Almirola however has an average finish of 19th In the same time period. Hopefully the rain stays away and we get a full race.

The Play -

Aric Almirola over Austin Dillon (-115)

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