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MLB Tuesday September 14th 2021

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

We made it through the weekend of football, yes Monday is a weekend when it comes to football, but that does not stop us from investing! This MLB season needs to end so all my futures cash but for now, I will keep pushing through to help mitigate any losses coming my way when then do cash. Only one #HomeRunLine play today as there isn't much value to be had. Best of luck if you follow or fade!!!

Record: 15-11 for +3.48 units

San Francisco Giants

F5 -1/2 (-128)

The Giants clinched a playoff spot last night with their route of the Padres and a lot of people will want to stay away from them because it was reported they partied hard. What people forget is they still haven't wrapped up the division and if they let up now, the Dodgers could swoop in and the Giants will have to play in the wild card game. The Padres are coming off a series against the Dodgers and throughout the year they have had a hangover in the next series. To top it off the Padres keep rolling Jake Arrieta out to the mound for some reason that I do not understand. I saw that and was on Giants then all the stuff I said above came into focus for me.

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