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Ellis Park

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having a fun, safe and profitable weekend! We're playin' today's card at Ellis Park. First post is just before 11 AM pacific time. Our #LundinLine top picks are below. Should be a good one with 5 Stakes (R6 - R10). Ride along with us and get #InTheMoney!

Lundin Line

Ellis Park // Henderson, KY // 02-AUG

R1: 1-7-8-2

R2: 2-6-4-3

R3: 4-2-6-5

R4: 1-6-7

R5: 5-3-10

R6*: 2-5-8-1

R7*: 8-1-3-2

R8*: 2-4-10-3

R9*: 4-7-3-6

R10*: 11-12-1


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