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The Genesis Invitational // February 18 - 21

Pebble Beach Recap

Daniel Freakin Berger! 4x Eagles and a statement putt on the 72nd to close the door. Despite all the talk about the lack of marquee names at the Pebble Beach pro-am. This tournament had it all, a bunch of fantastic golf shots, a glimpse into the future of golf with Akshay Bhatia, and a couple of reminders that regardless of how good these guys are they are still human and golf is hard; see Francesco Molinari’s topped drive on 1 and Nate Lashley’s $500k 4-putt on Sunday.

Genesis Open Picks

Unfortunately, word on the street is that Berger went a little too hard with the celebrations and had to withdraw from this week's Genesis Open, so no chance to keep the momentum. But this tournament is lit up with the heavy-hitting names of the PGA, so we are excited for another great tournament weekend even without Berger. We set our picks this week with Joaquin Neimann and Rory McIlroy. Joaquin started this year on fire with back-to-back 2nd place finishes, hoping he can punch his ticket for another top 5. And Rory McIlroy, because it’s Rory Frickin McIlroy... who has a legitimate chance to win every tournament he enters. Despite his 2021 starts being top 20’s, he has finished top 5 at Riviera the last 2 years- hoping he breaks through the tough field and stands strong on hole 72.

Bonus Thoughts

If you’re looking for someone to root for, look up the story of Willie Mack III, he is this year's recipient of the Charlie Sifford exemption spot. Really hoping he can make the cut in a tough field- he’s clawed his way to every opportunity, let’s hope he can get over the hump this week.

Let's hit the links and get #InTheMoney!

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