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The PGA Championship // Recap

Lefty does it!!! . . . And in convincing fashion, according to Phil he does 3 things well, and we were witness for 2 of them. I’m sure he knocked out the third late last night when he got back. Phil was masterful all weekend, hitting bombs off the tee, 366 on 16 Sunday was just ridiculous, and always bringing his short game. So big congrats on the 45th win for one of the best to ever do it. I truly aspire to be like Phil and have some hellacious seeds left in my bag at 50.

Pick Results

We go hit hard on Thursday with a slip injury for our guy Sam Burns, hope he gets healthy soon, he was/is having a great season. But in “ho-hum” fashion, Tony Finau turned in a top-10 performance. This was a tough week for all the golfers out there, and Finau as one of only 16 golfers to end under par for the tournament should keep his head held high. It wasn’t sexy but he did his thing.

Shout out to @TSLFinky for tagging Phil and punched his card in a separate PGA tournament, coming up second overall with two winners in the last 4 weeks.

Look out for our picks on Wednesday for this weekend's tournament!

Our Original Top 5 Picks



Speith (Fink Play)

Let's hit the links and get #InTheMoney!

Hit us up @_TurtleSports and let us know what you think!

-Turtle Sports

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