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Pimlico // 01-OCT

Guess what?? We made it to October (just barely)! Let's celebrate and play the ponies! We're runnin' two cards for you's today. The horses at Pimlico will be starting us off with Emerald Downs on deck. We've got 3 Stakes at Pimlico this morning - Featuring Race 9 Chick Lang Stakes (GIII). Our #LundinLine top horses and best bets are below. You know what to do... ride with us and get #InTheMoney!

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Pimlico // 01-October

R1: 6-1-2-5

R2: 2-4 R3: 7-4-6-1 R4: 5-1 R5: 3-6 R6*: 2-8-10

R7: 5-8-2-9

R8*: 8-1-3 R9*: 9-10-7-3 R10: 8-10-2



Lundin Line Best Bets

R5: [3] Dontletsweetfoolya

R6: [2] Texas Wedge

R8: [8] Jo Jo Air

R9: [9] Yaupon

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/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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