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MLB Wild Card 2021

162 up and 162 down, we made it to the postseason finally!!! This post is a shoutout to our #LundinLine and will be our World-Famous Two-Fer post, that's right one post two games as our resident Buffalo Bills fan likes to say! As we wrap up the regular season with two one-game playoffs to see who has the honor of playing the best team in each league, I just want to say thank you to everyone who shared, liked, or simply read these posts. Baseball is not my strongest sport to invest in and I did not jump in until after the All-Star break when we had way more data to comb through. Big shoutout to Kyle aka Pickles and Justin aka Coach JJ for their help on my investments and for their work this season as our primary Baseball guys. While they might have different approaches than me, I mean really we all go about it differently, we all found success this season and will continue that into the playoffs. Coach and I will be recording a Turtle Takes pod to wrap up the season and preview the playoffs later tonight so make sure you subscribe where ever you listen to podcasts. Enough with the sappy and promo stuff, let's get to the picks already Fink!!! I have four plays for one unit each two in each game. Best of luck if you follow or fade!!!

Record: 34-21-3 for +11.05 units

Boston Red Sox

Money Line (-104)

I know I am not getting the best line but I think we will see some reverse line movement before the game starts and I do not want to miss a basically even money spot here. The Red Sox have Battled Covid all year long but now are nearly full strength and will be looking to put their biggest rival out of business after an improbable run to make it to the postseason. Garret Cole is going for the Yankees and his splits at Fenway are some of the biggest in baseball. Needless to say but the Red Sox rough him up when they are the home team. Normally I would not play the full game but I see the Sox moving on as the Yankees have been very inconsistent all year long.

Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees

F5 Under 4.5 (-118)

This is not simply a play on Evoldi and Cole. Both pitchers are the ace of their staff but both managers will be very quick to pull any pitcher that is not getting it done. Yes, they have to be ready for the next series if they advance but if you don't win it doesn't matter. Why only the first five? I never know what we will get with the bullpens so we take them out of it right away. These two teams know each other very well and have a storied past so I expect them to play it very safe and not take any chances pitching or base running. I was able to get this number very early on Monday morning and it has since dropped so be aware you may not find this exact line.

St Louis Cardinals

Money Line (+175)

Again, I did not get the best line but if this climb anywhere near +200 best be known I will fire again. The Cards are on a tear and I do not see the train stopping now. Scherzer has not been himself the last month and Wainwright has looked like he is 29 not 39! The Dodgers were supposed to be the best team in Baseball and walk with the world series easily. Multiple other teams had something to say about it and the bats of the Cardinals will no doubt want a piece of that action. One thing to think about is this could be Wainwright and Yadier Molin's final shot at a World Series. I would never want to get in Yadie's way when he wants something so give me the Cardinals to go take on the Giants in the next round.

St Louis Cardinals/LA Dodgers

F5 Under 4 (-115)

I really wanted to just copy and paste the same write up from the other game and change the pitchers' names but alas here you are listening to me drone on again. Look it's simple both pitchers are dominant as they come even against the solid lineups of the other team. I can see a slow start to this game as neither team wants to go home. After that, who knows. Will Jansen blow the lead if Dave Roberts lets him pitch? Will the Dodgers stacked lineup blow the game open? Will the hot bats of the Cards continue once it's bullpen time? I think we see a very low scoring game or a blowout one way so I will stick with what I know and back Wainwright and Scherzer to get the job done so we can get in, get out, and get paid!!!

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