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MLB Plays Thursday 5/9/24

Updated: May 10

Happy Thursday, is it the weekend yet!? As we witnessed this week, the baseball gods giveth, and the baseball gods taketh away. After four straight winning days, we saw the system take a step back yesterday going 4-4 for -1.31 units or an ROI of -16.34%. On the week, we are still going strong, which is a positive, 12-6 for +2.89 units or ROI of 16.06%. While today is a lighter day for plays, the weekend heats up as there is a potential for 11 plays each day after today. This means you must be smart with how much you place on each wager. With fewer games, you can go a full unit but maybe with 11, you go half unit to manage the bankroll. We will always track as one full unit wagered but adjust as you need to because I can tell you from experience it is very easy to go bust on your bankroll due to mismanagement of funds. It's been quiet on the horse racing front but that is because we hit it hard last week and plan to next week. Be on the lookout for a #LundinLine card on Saturday. Good luck today and if you have any thoughts please drop us a line or hit us up on Twitter (yes, I still call it that because the URL is that!).

If you want to see the current Power Rankings they can be found by clicking the link


Today's Home Run Line plays

Cincinnati -122

Milwaukee -120

Cleveland -145

Tracking Section (Unposted was during development)

Posted Record: 32-20

Posted Units: +3.82

Posted ROI: +7.35%

Posted + Unposted Record: 131-79

Posted + Unposted Units: +10.7 units

Posted + Unposted ROI: +5.10%

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