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MLB Plays Friday 5/10/24

We made it to the end of the week and are looking towards a very busy weekend for the #HomerunLine. We have 11 games that meet the system today, spoiler alert, if you know baseball you know that means the chance to have 11 games the rest of the week, and we are looking for a big rebound with so many games. One game here or there going the other way would easily put a different spin on this post. We are in a rut with two losing days in a row. Yesterday, we went 1-2 for -1.17 units or -38.89% as the Guardians lost to one of the worst teams in baseball. As I text Pickles, it's the only sport where one team can be so good and the other so bad but it doesn't matter. He then reminded me of the whiskey and handgun theory in baseball, it's the only way to get through the whole season. The good news is, we are still up on the week and the year. Good luck today and if you have any thoughts please drop us a line or hit us up on Twitter (yes, I still call it that because the URL is that!).

If you want to see the current Power Rankings they can be found by clicking the link


Today's Home Run Line plays

Baltimore -132

Boston -195

Milwaukee -126

Seattle -145

Texas -179

Cleveland -107

Philadelphia -1.5 -114

Atlanta -148

New York Yankees -130

Chicago Cubs +115

Los Angeles Dodgers -162

Tracking Section (Unposted was during development)

Posted Record: 33-22

Posted Units: +2.65

Posted ROI: +4.82%

Posted + Unposted Record: 132-81

Posted + Unposted Units: +9.53 units

Posted + Unposted ROI: +4.47%

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