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Golden Gate Fields // 16-AUG

We're off to Northern California for today's card at Golden Gate Fields. Even though its a 800 degrees out (with some crazy mid-summer thunderstorms - not sure what that's all about), we're glad the ponies are still running! Our #LundinLine top picks for today's card - along with our Best Bets - are below. Ride along with us and lets get #InTheMoney!

Golden Gate Fields // 16-August

Lundin Line

R1: 4-3-6-1

R2: 6-1-4-3

R3: 4-5-3-2

R4: 4-5-7-1

R5: 4-1-5-6

R6: 2-5-3-4

R7: 1-5-2

R8: 3-6-5-1

R9: 1-7-9-2


Lundin Line Best Bets

R1: [4] Buster Douglas

Buster comes into this fight, I mean race, with the best average pace in the field over the last 3 races at 95. Last speed was 88 which ties for 2nd but his average speed over the last 3 races is best in the field at 94. This is a first time pairing for Jockey S. Rivera and Trainer M. Pineda, however both have good ITM figures. Santos has a 50% ROI over the last 10 races. The question is can Buster go the distance and beat the competition.

R3: [4] IIIapawnie

IIIapawnie has a lifetime ITM percentage at 64. She also has the best in field percentage at 87, last, and 81 in the last 3 races. Good ITM percentages for Jockey F. Alvarado at 49% and Trainer B. Wright at 46%. As a combo they are 60% ITM. They also have nice ROI’s over the last 10 races at 58% and 60% respectively.

R6: [2] Miss Indefatigable

Miss Indefatigable comes into this race with best in field ratings with 33% win rate and 53% ITM. She also has leads the field in the last pace category at 95. Both speed figures are best in this field also. Jockey K. Frey has an ITM percent of 51 and trainer I. Tamayo is at 59%. Working together they have an outstanding ITM percentage of 72%. ROI for both is also high at 65% and 72% respectively.

R8 [3] WhenDucksFly

Well I always knew ducks could fly but didn’t know mallards could run. He comes in with a 100% win rate at Golden Gate Fields. Over his last 3 races his average pace

figure was 99 which leads the field. Last speed figure was tied for 2nd at 89 his average was 82 which leads the field. Interesting to note that WhenDucksFly is dropping a class for this race. I gotta see this bird run!!

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/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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