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Churchill Downs 🏇🏾 // Wed., May 1st 2024

Happy May Day! 🌼🌺💐🌷🌹

We are one day closer to the run for the roses and as we previously stated we are in Louisville, KY to watch the ponies from Churchill Downs all week long! We missed a golden opportunity yesterday to point out it was Justin Timberlake Day so that we could make some cliche about it's gonna be May! While Timberlake the horse was pulled from the Derby trail this year we still have a field of 20 coming your way this Saturday. However today we have 10 races, 2 of which are stakes, to build that bankroll for the big weekend ahead. The featured race comes in the ninth race the $300k William Walker Stakes. This is a 5.5 furlong sprint on the turf and is restricted to three-year-olds. This race has a ton of speed so don't blink or you May miss it.

The weather today is going to warm up and be a true spring day in the Bluegrass State. We will see highs in the mid 80s with partly cloudy skies and not a drop of rain in sight. We will be back on turf today with the lack of rain which means we are fast and firm!!!


Need help pickin' winners? We've got you covered! Our #LundinLine - (Always Free) top pick and best bets are below in this post. We use them to help narrow the field while putting our tickets together. The first post will be here soon, so don't be late - It's time to get #InTheMoney! 💰🏇🏻💰🏇🏻💰🤑

Oh, and don't forget to follow us @_TurtleSports and subscribe to our site so you don't miss any of the action. You'll be glad you did! Let's Ride!


🏇🏻 Churchill Downs // May 1st, 2024 🏇🏾

1st Post @ 12:45 EDT (9:45 PDT)

R1: 5-1-2-4

R2: 8-2-3-10

R3: 7⭑-3-5-1

R4: 7-5-2-8

R5: 1-8-2-5

R6: 9-5-11-4

R7: 1-5-3-2

R8: 7-6-3-5

R9ⓢ: 6⭑-13(AE)-1-4

R10: 5-9-11-4

⭑Best Bets

R3: Curlins Incharge (#7)

R9: No Nay Mets (IRE) (#6)

ⓢtakes Race

R9: William Walker S.


From our friends at National Day Calendar

"May Day has been a traditional day of celebration for centuries, with some of the earliest appearing in pre-Christian times. One of the more popular rituals was harvesting flowers and giving them to neighbors and strangers in cone-shaped baskets. These May Baskets become more commonly known as May Day Baskets. The current tradition is observed by hanging a cone-shaped basket full of flowers or other gifts on the outside doorknob, then knocking or ringing the doorbell and running away."


Hit us up @_TurtleSports, and let us know what you think!


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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