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Bridie Line Recap // March 8th 2021

Apologies to the many of you reading our weekly picks, I didn’t get my preview in this week. But we hit our mark with expectations. We chose Paul Casey and Matthew Fitzpatrick for top 10 finishes and they both slid in right at that mark even with the brutal Sunday conditions.

Arnie's Tournament Recap

Bombs over Bay Hill!! That’s all there is to be said!! This tournament was wild from start to finish. Days 1 and 4 were just grind it out and feel lucky if you got out of there under par. Days 2 & 3 were filled with great conditions and superb golf shots and even a couple of aces. I’m definitely not the first to say that the energy on hole six was that of a long drive contest, at least with Bryson and Rory going bomb for bomb flying it 300+ on Friday and Saturday. What’s very interesting is even with the excitement of taking the extra aggressive line, Bryson nor Rory had any of the 12 eagles recorded on that hole over the weekend. Another interesting piece from this weekend was the stark contrast of in-game style for the top 2 finishers Bryson DeChambeau and Lee Westwood. Lee being 20 years Bryson’s senior and almost coming away with the win, albeit he held the lead going into Sunday, was a master’s class in play YOUR game. Anyone who has played the game of golf has undoubtedly felt the urge to “press” – meaning to try and change your game to match or impress your playing partner, especially when it comes to distance. So kudos to Lee Westwood for a fantastic showing of golf skill over the tournament, and I loved the subtle nudged to Bryson on 6.

Now to discuss the tournament Champion, Bryson DeChambeau: there’s something about the guy and what he is bringing to the game of golf, it’s reminiscent of the baseball vibe back with Sammy Sosa & Mark McGuire. Whatever side you are on, there’s a visceral reaction to Bryson and what he is doing. It’s going to become more interesting as he undoubtedly wins more tournaments in the upcoming years what impact it will have on the game long term. There’s a certain “heel” feel to both him and Patrick Reed, and that always adds to the drama of every tournament either of them participates in. But a hulk sized congrats to Bryson DeChambeau the Bay Hill Champion – maybe they’ll have an XXL version of Arnie’s red cardigan on standby for next year because every thread of that schmedium that he squeezed into was screaming bloody murder.

Look out for our Players Championship preview later this week!!

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