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Turtle Takes NCAAB 11/23/21

Happy Turkey Week! This is my favorite holiday because we get food, family, and football. Before we get there though I have some plays to help build that bankroll up before you head to the in-laws or wherever you will be this Thanksgiving.

If you listened to the newest episode of The Turtle Sports Podcast you will know that Pickles and I are dividing and conquering college hoops. I got my feet wet this weekend and now that I have the system down, I will be taking the Pac-12 and the SEC along with any other games that interest me. We have concentrated on just a few conferences each to narrow down the field. I did not fare so well yesterday as I go 2-3 for -1.3 units. Today is a new day and even though it was a losing day I still liked where we landed as we did not over extend. One of the things I am really learning is not to play too many plays with so many games happening each day. Showing restraint is one of the things I am constantly working on. As always if I add any plays they go directly to Twitter. Best of luck if you follow or fade!!!

**A bit of paperwork here, every play is for 1 unit when I post a play and is assumed to be -110 unless otherwise noted. If I play a money line (ML) I will note the line and if it's a favorite I am playing to win 1 unit, if it's a dog I am laying 1 unit to win whatever it pays**

2021 NCAAB record: 2-3 for -1.3 units

Turtle Sports System Plays

Yale -1.5 (In Progress as of this post)

Texas A&M -2

Northwestern -8

Wofford +4

St Mary's +2

Cincinnati +5

UNC A&T +16.5

Want to follow along all year long? Head over to Twitter and turn on those notifications for @_Turtle Sports and @TSFinky

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