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Turtle Takes NCAAB 11/22/21

Happy Turkey Week! This is my favorite holiday because we get food, family, and football. Before we get there though I have some plays to help build that bankroll up before you head to the in-laws or wherever you will be this Thanksgiving.

If you listened to the newest episode of The Turtle Sports Podcast you will know that Pickles and I are dividing and conquering college hoops. I got my feet wet this weekend and now that I have the system down, I will be taking the Pac-12 and the SEC along with any other games that interest me. We have concentrated on just a few conferences each to narrow down the field. I have my first official plays for you!!! I am looking forward to hanging out with you all season long. If you have any suggestions please hit me up and let me know. We appreciate all your support as we dive deeper into all things Turtle Sports. As always, if I add any plays they go directly to Twitter. Best of luck if you follow or fade!!!

**A bit of paperwork here, every play is for 1 unit when I post a play and is assumed to be -110 unless otherwise noted. If I play a money line (ML) I will note the line and if it's a favorite I am playing to win 1 unit, if it's a dog I am laying 1 unit to win whatever it pays**

2021 NCAAB record: 0-0 for +0.0 units

Turtle Sports System Plays

LSU -5.5

Texas A&M +3.5

Kansas State +9.5

George Mason -3.5

UCLA -19

Want to follow along all year long? Head over to Twitter and turn on those notifications for @_Turtle Sports and @TSFinky

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