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Turtle Sports MLB Power Rankings Week 16

Happy Monday! I am back on track after a refreshing few days off, so I wanted to ensure I got this out to you all nice and early. Last week we had our first losing week in over a month. We salvaged the week from being awful to just a bad week by going 4-0 for +2.75 units or an ROI of +68.71% along with another series win by Cleveland to help ease the pain. Totals last week were 22-21 for -4.68 units on single games which was an ROI of -10.88%. When you break it down a bit you see the system worked but when we finish around even on the wins, it means we will almost always lose money. There were no major moves up in the power ranks this week as the biggest movers were the Padres and Dbacks each moving up two spots. The biggest note was the Phillies moving up to third but are tied with the Yankees. I made the decision to leave the Yankees in second simply because they were already there. The only big move down is the Nationals moving down three spots but the bottom of the board is always moving based on the week we have. This is the final week before the All-Star break where we will be adjusting the power ranks just a bit to ensure the last 60 to 65 games are as accurate as possible so you can cash tickets into the fall. Today we have five single games to play and one series. We said we would not post any series prices over -200 but we have also found one of the books we use does not honor the four-game series and will mark the ticket won or lost after game three so we cannot use those going forward. If your book has something different and will honor a four-game series it's worth a look as you can get a push if they split the four games. We are also monitoring a trend Pickles noticed this week, division series. It was noted more often we lost the series if it were a division series. We will continue to post series prices and track them but we wanted to bring this to your attention so you can make the most educated decision for yourself. Good luck today and if you have any thoughts please drop us a line or hit us up on X!

If you want to see last week's Power Rankings they can be found by clicking the link

Week 15 Power Rankings

  1. Baltimore Orioles

  2. New York Yankees

  3. Philadelphia Phillies ↑1

  4. Los Angeles Dodgers ↓1

  5. Cleveland Guardians

  6. Milwaukee Brewers

  7. Minnesota Twins ↑1

  8. Kansas City Royals ↓1

  9. Boston Red Sox ↑1

  10. Atlanta Braves ↓1

  11. Pittsburgh Pirates

  12. New York Mets

  13. Houston Astros

  14. Seattle Mariners

  15. Texas Rangers

  16. Chicago Cubs

  17. San Diego Padres ↑2

  18. Detroit Tigers ↓1

  19. Cincinnati ↓1

  20. St Louis Cardinals ↑1

  21. Toronto Blue Jays ↓1

  22. Tampa Bay Rays ↓2

  23. Arizona Diamondbacks ↑2

  24. San Francisco Giants

  25. Oakland A's ↑1

  26. Washington Nationals ↓3

  27. Los Angeles Angels

  28. Chicago White Sox ↑1

  29. Miami Marlins ↓1

  30. Colorado Rockies


Today's Home Run Line plays (Series Price)

Cleveland -159

Atlanta -184

Minnesota -179

Cleveland -140

Texas -142 (-160)

Tracking Section (Unposted was during development)

Posted Record: 179-143

Posted Units: +2.95 units

Posted ROI: +0.92%

Posted + Unposted Record: 326-217

Posted + Unposted Units: +21.74 units

Posted + Unposted ROI: +4.00%

Series Records

Posted + Unposted Record: 13-7-1

Posted + Unposted Units: +4.30 units

Posted + Unposted ROI: +21.51%

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