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Pickle’s NCAA Bucket line 1-26

WHOA Boy!! It has been some time since I put anything on the site. It is not because I don't want to, or that I don't have time... because let's be honest it doesn't take too much time to type something out. It does have everything to do with superstition. I posted plays here and wham! losers!! Post on twitter, and whoa! Winners! But, Lately it has been all losers so let's switch things up for today! I am trying to get away from 7-10 plays for the day and really focusing on plays that I really like rather than what I just like, All in the fear of missing out. Just because they meet the system doesn't mean its an automatic play. Today I have found my 3 that I guess we can consider my "Best Bets" but I think that we are pass that phrase as it is kind of played out. So instead of "Best" we are just going to go with "Plays". I feel "Best bet" qualifies as a play that has greater chance of winning, but in reality its not different than any other play. I just really like them more than the others. Now let's have an outstanding Wednesday and get In The Money!

Pickle's Plays

Oklahoma St -3.5

West Virginia -1.5

Creighton -3

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