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Pickle’s NBA Look ahead

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

I will be honest with you… I feel like NBA just ended. My wounds are still a little sore from my debacle with the suns in the Finals. But it’s alright. 100% a learning experience that I will remember for a life time. This year we will be releasing Bucket Line Model plays on the website as well as on Twitter. With games every day I want to make sure that you receive them as early as possible. I will most likely also have some plays that will be Pickle’s picks. But I am going to focus on the Model to make sure that performs as it should. As for season win totals there are 6 teams that I will be playing.

Season Totals

San Antonio Spurs- Over 28.5

Washington Wizards- Under 33.5

New Orleans Pelicans- Over 39.5

Denver Nuggets- Over 47.5

Sacramento Kings- Over 36.5

Chicago Bulls- Over 42.5

20/21 NBA Record

104-81 (56.2%)

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