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NCAA Championship

I cannot believe I am going to say this but it's the last game of the year in college hoops. I know sad right? The good news is there are plenty of opportunities tonight and in other sports to cash some tickets and get #InTheMoney with us each day!!! We have one final play for you to close out the season. We will never claim we had a solid College Hoops season but we made up for it in other ways, see our future bets for conference tournaments!!! If you liked this you should check out more plays every day from across the sporting world!!! Best of luck if you follow or fade because "When you win, we win and that's what we care about."

NCAAB Plays Today

Baylor/Gonzaga Under 159.5

NCAAB Bucket Line Records

Current Weekly Record

1-1 for -0.1 Units

Current Monthly Record

52-45-1 for +2.5 Units

Season Record

201-195-2 for -13.5 Units

Time to hit the court and get #InTheMoney. Let's GO!!!

Hit us up @_TurtleSports and let us know what you think!

-Turtle Sports

/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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