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NCAA Basketball 3/22/21

Wow, what a weekend of Madness that was! We had upsets by teams we never saw coming, we had favorites win just like they should, and we had teams who just seemed to not show up to the game. Overall, our tournament record on official picks is 15-10 for +4.0 units. Our bracket is not out of the fight but it is on its last leg. The great news about what we do is we still have time to earn some money by cashing some tickets. We hope you were able to find some value and have some futures left. If not, we have five plays to help you get through this Monday. Games start around 9 am pacific but our first play is not until 2:15 pm pacific so plenty of time to make your choices. Best of luck if you follow or fade because "When you win, we win and that's what we care about."

NCAAB Plays Today

Abilene Christian +5

Ohio +6

LSU +5 (Sprinkle that Money Line)

Florida State -1

Alabama -6

NCAAB Bucket Line Records

Current Weekly Record

0-0 for 0.0 Units

Current Monthly Record

46-40-1 for +2.0 Units

Season Record

196-190-2 for -13.0 Units

Time to hit the court and get #InTheMoney. Let's GO!!!

Hit us up @_TurtleSports and let us know what you think!

-Turtle Sports

/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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