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NBA Playoffs // 26-AUG

Happy Wednesday! Coming back at you with our #BucketLine. We've got two picks for today - plus a bonus Pizza Play (two toppings) at bottom of post cuz, who doesn't love pizza?? Lets hit the court and get #InTheMoney!!

*Bucks / Magic Under 227

*Lakers / Blazers Over 224.5

Milwaukee Bucks / Orlando Magic Under 227

1:00 PM Pacific

The Bucks look to close out this series and move on to the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. The Bucks have looked dominant since losing game one. In-game four we had the under as well, but the Magic were fouling down twelve with less than a minute left. This resulted in five untimed points being put up by the Bucks pushing this to the over 225.5 we had for you. At halftime and the end of the third quarter, the pace of the game was for 220. The two teams are only averaging 223 points per game and Orlando has not scored more than 107. The Bucks are still the best defensive team in the league on paper and have only scored over 120 in two out of four games. We do not see this game being close as the Bucks look to make a statement to the Miami Heat and get some rest before the next round; therefore, we will be playing under 227 total points in this game. Bucks / Magic Under 227


Los Angeles Lakers / Portland Trail Blazers Over 224.5

3:30 PM Pacific

Many people thought the Oklahoma City Thunder were simply outmatched in this series when it began. Then Russell Westbrook was injured and the books adjusted to favor the Thunder. The Rockets showed their historic shooting rates in all four games of this series and the Thunder matched them as best as possible. The over in this series is 3-1 and the Rockets set a record for threes taken in a game last time out. Houston is averaging 7 points less per game over the two OKC wins, but we do not see this continuing as before game three they were averaging their season total. Game four had a nearly 3-1 free throw rate for the Thunder which means there should be a swing the other way in game 5. The winner of game 5 wins the series about 75% of the time, so both teams will be doing everything they can to turn the tide in their favor. We look for the shooting spree to continue and see a high scoring game and will play the over 224.5. Lakers / Blazers Over 224.5


|> Wednesday Two Topping Pizza Play <|

Two props we like today for some pizza money:

|> CJ McCollum Over 25.5 points (would play up to 26.5)

· Averaged 33 points a game without Dame in the the lineup in six games this year after the all-star break

· Shooting percentage goes up 4% without Dame

· Will be the focus of the offense

|> Carmelo Anthony over 16.5 points per game

· Averaging 18 points per game the last two games

· Career 23.9 points per game

· The extra shots have to go somewhere!

Hit us up @TTSportsLines and let us what you think!


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical error

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