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NBA Playoffs // 22-AUG

Happy Saturday! We've got a full day of NBA Playoffs coming our way! We picked out three games and have our #BucketLine plays for you today... see our game analysis below. Let's hit the court and get #InTheMoney!

*Milwaukee Bucks -12.5

*Miami Heat -5

*Houston Rockets -3

Milwaukee Bucks -12.5

10:00 AM Pacific

Let’s run it back!!! Yeah that’s right we are going with the favorite again! I mean let’s be honest... do we know which Orlando team we are gunna see? Well we see that game 1 was an anomaly. Orlando shot out of their mind. Call it game 1 adrenaline. Come game 2 we saw exactly what we should have seen. Milwaukee defense pushing shooters to the perimeter and forcing 3s. And with Orlando shooting 34.3% throughout the year. They shot just 21% in game 2. Now we aren’t forgetting the meltdown of the Milwaukee’s 4th quarter. But, a complete team like Milwaukee will have no problem fixing that. And yes I do think they fix that this game. The right play is Bucks -12.5.


Miami Heat -5

12:30 PM Pacific

There really isn’t much to say other than Miami is just a better team all around. They are firing on all cylinders. Last game Miami had an offensive efficiency of 1.075 and Indiana had a low .986 offensive efficiency. Indiana is really missing Sabonis. If Miami can continue pushing Indiana into being uncomfortable on the perimeter it will be another “slam dunk” for Miami!! Smart money is on Miami -5.


Houston Rockets -3

3 PM Pacific

Wow the Houston rockets are not missing a beat without Westbrook. I mean both games have been so one sided. CP3 hasn’t shown up at all this post season. And Harden with his supportive cast is clearly dominate on the court. Although things got a little crazy last game as the 3rd quarter left a lot of doors open for both teams it was clear who was able to capitalize at those times. I fully expect for Harden and Houston to continue to put the pressure on OKC in game 3.  We're playin' Houston -3

*All stats are sourced using

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