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MLB Plays Tuesday 6/4/24

It's taco Tuesday and we are riding high as we head to the Cantina! We know now that we are talking about the streak we are on the baseball Gods will be very vengeful! We have been on a 20-4 run over the last four days for a healthy addition to the bankroll. We went 2-0 last night for +1.88 units or an ROI of 93.3%. We will most likely never see 100% or more of our ROI based on our bet-to-risk system in MLB. Today we have a four-pack to go along with those tacos but with this heat we are about to see out West, those will go down in no time! The baseballs are starting to fly out of the ballparks around the country as it heats up and we see fewer and fewer starting pitchers due to injury. Good luck today and if you have any thoughts please drop us a line or hit us up on Twitter (yes, I still call it that because the URL is that!).

If you want to see the current Power Rankings they can be found by clicking the link


Today's Home Run Line plays

Seattle -155

Los Angeles Dodgers -180

Baltimore -157

Cincinnati -132

Tracking Section (Unposted was during development and missed days)

Posted Record: 115-76

Posted Units: +8.00

Posted ROI: +4.19%

Posted + Unposted Record: 224-141

Posted + Unposted Units: +19.81 units

Posted + Unposted ROI: +5.43%

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