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MLB Plays Sunday 7/7/24

Not a lot to say today but we continue to be ice cold on the diamond. It will be our first losing week in six weeks and it will likely mean we are starting over on our posted plays profit and ROI. That does not mean we are going back to zero but after last night we are officially near zero profit and ROI. The good teams don't win 100% of their games and the bad teams don't lose 100% of their games. The good news is we can recalculate the power ranks to find games next week and see if maybe he missed something this week in my haste to get them out to you after missing a few days. Four games on the slate today and we can salvage some of our past winnings if the Guardians can close out their series today. Good luck today, and if you have any thoughts please drop us a line or hit us up on X!

If you want to see the current Power Rankings they can be found by clicking the link


Today's Home Run Line plays

Cleveland -126

Chicago Cubs -140

Baltimore -168

Kansas City -155

Tracking Section (Unposted was during development and missed days)

Posted Record: 175-143

Posted Units: +0.20 units

Posted ROI: +0.06%

Posted + Unposted Record: 322-217

Posted + Unposted Units: +18.99 units

Posted + Unposted ROI: +3.52%

Series Records

Posted + Unposted Record: 12-7-1

Posted + Unposted Units: +3.73 units

Posted + Unposted ROI: +19.61%

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