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Canterbury Park // 19-AUG

We're back on the horse and are playin' Canterbury Park this afternoon! Our #LundinLine top picks and best bets are below. Check out our race analysis for more information on our best bets. The card includes 5 Stake race (R6-R10), so pay close attention to those. Ride along with us and get #InTheMoney!

Cantebury Park // 19-August

Lundin Line

R1: 2-5-6

R2: 4-1-3-2

R3: 3-2 R4: 2-1-4-7 R5: 6-2-8-1 R6*: 7-3-9-1 R7*: 3-4-2-7 R8*: 4-2-9-3

R9*: 4-2-5 R10*: 5-3-4-2



Lundin Line Best Bets

R6: [7] Westa Waverly

Westa comes in on 15 days of rest so he’s still loose. His earnings also show he’s been in the money 100% of his races. Last pace (80) leads the field as does his speed figures for the last speed and average speed (84). Jockey A Quinonez has a 42% return on investment over the last 10 races. Traniner C Rosin has a 100% ROI (return on investment) over the last 10 races. When these gentlemen are together have a 100% ROI. The obvious question is, can Westa handle moving up in class for this race? His numbers compared to the competition say yes he can.

R7: [3] Defend the Rose

The “Rose” has an average pace over the last 3 races of 99 which is first compared to the field. Her speed figures lead the field at 78 (last) and 76 (average of the last 3 races. Jockey R Chirinas has a 47% ROI (return on investment) in his last 10 races and trainer M Robertson has a 56% return. When hooking up together over the last 12 months, they are ITM 56% of the time.

R8: [4] Weekend Ride

Weekend Ride comes into this race on a Wednesday moving up a class. His last pace figure of 87 was second in the field and average of the last 3 (84) was first. Last speed (87) and average (82) were first in the field. This young colt has won 33% of his races at this track. Overall 75% on the time he finished in the money. Jockey F Arrieto has a 63% ROI (return on investment) in his last 3 and 10 races. Trainer G Scherer has a 75% return over his last 10 races. When they work as a combo, their ITM percent is 75% over the last 12 months. If he does well, which I think he will, maybe we’ll go for a ride this weekend.

Race 10 [5} Ready to Runaway

I’m ready to run away also. Maybe you and Weekend Ride (race 8) and I could get away from this crazy world this weekend. This lady comes into this race as a BIG favorite (2/5). She leads the field at this track with a win rate of 70% and 100% at this distance. Her average pace (92) and speed figures are also best in the field (last 104 and average of the last three 99). Jockey R Chirinos has an ROI of 47% for his last 10 races and 43% over his last 30. Trainer M Robertson has a 54% ROI over his last 30 races As a combo they ITM 56% of their races over the last 12 months.

Hit us up @TTSportsLines and let us know what you think!


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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