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Turtle Takes NCAAB 12/13/21

I got so excited I posted the wrong write up to start this thing off. So, if you read this already I apologize but the plays were right. With 9 games on the slate, we decided we would run every game through the proprietary Turtle Sports #BucketLine system. After having way too many plays on my last post I decided to hammer myself and limit my plays. We are tracking some new things and looking to get you more plays if possible but we need more games a day to do that. I am a bit frustrated with sports at the moment and I blame the NFL slate. Favorites and overs all day every day make Finky frustrated. Anyway, I hope you saved some spending money as we dig deep into the holiday season and are able to jump in on our investments of #NCAAB.

If you listened to The Turtle Sports Podcast you will know that Pickles and I are dividing and conquering college hoops. I will be taking the Pac-12, WCC, and the SEC along with any other games that interest me. Pickles will be taking the ACC, Big Ten, and Big because we have futures on some of those teams. We have concentrated on just a few conferences each to narrow down the field. It's been a few days since I made any official plays but I am here with 4 plays for you. On the newest episode of the podcast, we discuss that regression is probably looming because as soon as we get comfortable something will shift and when it does we will adjust again to keep getting you #InTheMoney. As always if I add any plays they go directly to Twitter. Best of luck if you follow or fade!!!

**A bit of paperwork here, every play is for 1 unit when I post a play and is assumed to be -110 unless otherwise noted. If I play a money line (ML) I will note the line and if it's a favorite I am playing to win 1 unit, if it's a dog I am laying 1 unit to win whatever it pays**

2021 NCAAB record: 52-55-1 for -7.60 units

Turtle Sports System Plays

Cleveland State +12.5

Columbia +3

Indiana State ++4

Rhode Island TT over 68

Want to follow along all year long? Head over to Twitter and turn on those notifications for @_Turtle Sports and @TSFinky

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