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Remington & Turfway Park // 17-DEC

Let's keep Friday going with more ponies! We're back with our world-famous Two-Fer post for today's cards at Remington Park and Turfway Park. You know what's up: you get our #LundinLine picks for two tracks on one post. That's double the action; double the cash. Twice the picks for half the clicks™. And our picks are FREE, as always, so what could be better?

But before we get down to brass tacks on our Lundin Line picks, let's take a quick peak at each card:

Remington Park

13 Races

5 Stakes

Fast Track

Temps in the low 60 / Partly Cloudy Skies

First Post @ 3:00 PM Pacific

Turfway Park

8 Races

Fast Synthetic Track

Temps around 40 / Light Rain

First Post @ 3:15 PM Pacific

Remington Park // 17-December

Lundin Line

3:00 Pacific

R1: 2-3-5

R2: 9-8-6

R3: 8-12-6

R4: 5-4-2

R5: 4-1-5

R6: 4-2-5

R7: 9*-2-6

R8: 4*-7-8

R9: 4-6-5

R10: 7-5-3

R11: 12-9-5

R12: 5-2-9

R13: 5-11-3

*Best Bet

R7: [9] West Texas Rain

R8: [4] Tap the Dot


Turfway Park // 17-December

Lundin Line

3:15 Pacific

R1: 3-2-8

R2: 8-2-7

R3: 2-4-5

R4: 4-2-1

R5: 11-4-7

R6: 8-1-7

R7: 10-8-12

R8: 1-6-5

*Best Bet

R7: [10] Top Gun Girl

Hit us up @_TurtleSports and let us know what you think!


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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