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Parx Racing 🏇🏾 // Tues., Mar. 5th, 2024 🏇🏾

Happy Tuesday & National Absinthe Day!

For your Tuesday 🏇 wagering, our coveted Lundin Line heads to beautiful Bensalem, PA, for a very nice 10-race card at Parx Racing! Today's races will be highlighted by two races:

  • 75K Main Line Stakes in R8. A 1 mile, 70 yds. race on the dirt for 3-year-old fillies

  • 75K City of Brotherly Love Stakes in R9, 1 mile, 70 yds for the 3-year-old guys.

Oh - in case anyone is thinking "City of Brotherly Love? - didn't those guys throw snowballs at Santa?" Ummm - not so fast. As is often the case, there is usually more to the story. It's actually a pretty interesting story..."Eagles & Santa Claus"

Some fun Philly Phacts before we get to the picks for today's races:

  • The first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburgh in 1909.

  • The Chocolate Capital of the US is Hershey, Pa.

  • The first computer existed in Philadelphia in 1946.

  • The first piano in America was built in Philadelphia in 1775.

  • The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia in 1776.

  • The Philadelphia Zoo was the first public zoo in the United States.

  • Philadelphia was once the capital city of the United States.

  • The first daily newspaper was published in Philadelphia in 1784.

  • For one season in 1943, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers merged to form the "Steagles" due to the loss of many players during WWII.

  • The State College Area High School was the first school in the country to teach driver's education in 1958.


Need help pickin' winners? We've got you covered! Our #LundinLine - (Always Free) top pix and best bets are below in this post. We use them to help narrow the field while putting our tickets together. The first post will be here soon, so don't be late - It's time to get #InTheMoney! 💰🏇🏻💰🏇🏻💰🤑

Oh, and don't forget to follow us @_TurtleSports and subscribe to our site so you don't miss any of the action. You'll be glad you did! Let's Ride!


🏇🏻 Parx Racing // Mar. 5th, 2024 🏇🏾

🏇🏾 1st Post @ 12:05 ET (9:05) PT)

R1: 3-5-2-8

R2: 4-8-2-1

R3: 2-6-5-3

R4: 4-5-2-1

R5: 1⭑-9-8-5

R6: 7-6-9-1

R7: 9-11-1-10

R8Ⓢ: 8⭑-1-7-4

R9Ⓢ: 4-8-2-1


⭑Best Bets

R5: Practical Rachel (#1)

R8: Experimental (#8)

Ⓢtakes Races

R8: 75K Main Line S.

R9: 75K City of Brotherly Love S.


From our friends over at

"Often mistaken for a liqueur, it is truly a spirit because it isn't sweetened. It belongs to the vodkas, gins, and whiskeys when categorizing absinthe.

The spirit is made by infusing wormwood, fennel, anise, and other herbs into alcohol through distillation. Pierre Ordinaire, a French doctor, is credited with the creation of absinthe. He developed and prescribed the elixir in the early 19th century as a cure for many illnesses.'

Hit us up @_TurtleSports, and let us know what you think!


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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