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NBA 1/28/21

We are just about done with January and we are finally seeing some regression in the NBA model but that is ok because the month and year are still profitable! Real-life has gotten the way of our fun at Turtle Sports so we missed you the last couple of days. Don't think we were hiding because our picks have been a dumpster fire in the NBA just crazy busy as we build this empire and keep up on the day job to pay the bills. Yesterday we had two plays and went 1-1 for -0.1 units whereas two days ago we had one play and lost that for -1.1 units. The week will get better and if it doesn't, we will keep firing away because we don't run when times get tough. To get right, we bite down on our mouthpiece and pound the paint!!!

NBA Plays for today

Portland Trailblazers +2

Rockets/Blazers under 229

NBA Bucket Line Records

Current Week Record

1-4 for -3.4 Units

Current Monthly Record

25-14 for +9.6 units

Season Record (Preseason included)

40-18 for +20.2 Units

Let's hit the court and get #InTheMoney. Let's GO!!!

Hit us up @TTSportsLines and let us know what you think!


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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