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MLB Thursday September 30th 2021

Yesterday was another nice day to follow the #HomeRunLine after a nice 3-0 bringing us to 6-0 the last two days! I know regression is real so be careful here as we move towards the end of the year. I know teams need to get ready for the post season but what I think that means is going deep into the bullpen and the bench as the games move past the 5th. Why would a playoff bound team want to let one of their starters throw too many pitches or a top hitter take extra swings they don't need to? As always, I will stick to the first five innings as I am not sure if teams really want to go full boar the rest of the week. I will also throw out that this might be the last post until the playoffs. Football takes up a lot of time but with only one series left per team after today, I do not think any value will be found this weekend. Best of luck if you follow or fade!!!

Record: 26-20-2 for +6.1 units

Houston Astros

F5 -1/2 (-110)

The Rays clinched home field throughout the American League Playoffs with a win last night. The Astros magic number is 2 to clinch the AL West. With a series against the A's looming The 'Stros will want to make sure they only need to win one of those games. I recently found out if two teams tie for the division lead the winner of the season series hosts a one game playoff, THEY DON'T WIN THE TIE BREAKER!!! That is such horse sh1t to me but oh well. Astros want to close it out as fast as possible so we invest in them today.

Atlanta Braves

F5 -1/2 (-105)

This one is very simple, the Braves win they take the division. Why would they mess around and give the Phillies a chance to steal it away? I don't see the Braves allowing the Phillies to have hope as the Phillies play their final series against the Marlins and the Braves get the Mets. Close it out at home and be done with it!!! I do lean full game here and may add that later before the first pitch.

Arizona Diamondbacks

F5 ML (+157)

Look I am not saying the Dbacks are good, nor do I believe they win this game as the Giants cannot afford to lose any games the rest of the way. What I do think is MadBum is pitching at his old home for the first time this season and what better revenge than to affect his former team's playoff race. I think he goes out and possibly has one of his best outings of the year solely for revenge. Tread lightly here as it is the Dbacks on the road which has not produced great outcomes all year.

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