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Finger Lakes // 22-SEP

Happy Tuesday! We're back in the saddle and playin' the ponies at the Finger Lakes Racetrack! We've got the full card capped' for you - our #LundinLine top picks and best bets are below. We're ridin' WINNERS and gettin' #InTheMoney!!

Finger Lakes // 22-September

Lundin Line

R1: 1-6-4-7 R2: 3-5-6-4 R3: 3-1-4 R4: 3-5-2-4 R5: 6-1-11-2

R6: 4-9-10-12 R7: 1-4-6-7

R8: 6-5-7


Lundin Line Best Bets

R1: [1] Bayshore Beauty

R2: [3] Peerless

R5: [6] Zenato

R7: [1] Lune Lake

Hit us up @TTSportsLines and let us know what you think!


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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