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Federated Auto Parts 400

We are in Richmond Virginia for the Federated Auto Parts 400. It is a 3/4 mile speedway. The race starts at 4:30 PM Pacific (check out the action on NBCsports) and Kevin Harvick on the poll. Our #FinishLine match ups - including driver analysis - are below. Lets roll and get #InTheMoney! #ChekersOrWreckers!

Finish Line

Martin Truex swept the 2 races here last year so him being the favorite here makes sense. But let’s be honest it is 2020. Nothing is normal at all! Martin has been very strong these last few races aside from the Darlington mishap (He wasn’t clear at all) last week. But that doesn’t mean he is the best here. We have been on the fading Kyle Busch train for a long time. But he is coming back. I do believe he will be very tough to beat this weekend. He did race 1 of the Xfinity races before the cup race so that gave him some track time. And we all know that this lack of practice has been tough on him. So let’s run it. Kyle Busch is very strong here. Top 10 in 76% of his starts 62% in the top 5 and has won 21% of the time here. Martin has only 39% in the top 10, 18% in the top 5 and has only won 7% of the time. Denny Hamlin is another driver that is very good here and with how his 2020 is going how could you not want to ride with him. 63% in the top 10, 48% in the top 5 and 11% winning rate. I do believe that JGR has the stronger cars today and I can see either Denny Or Kyle winning. So for today’s matchup we are going with 

Kyle Busch > Martin Truex Jr 

Denny Hamlin > Martin Truex Jr

Hit us up @TTSportsLines and let us know what you think!


/ As always, please forgive any typos and grammatical errors

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